Good Leadership

Good leadership is not just a matter of making things happen; it is a matter of making essential things happen, making important and productive things happen, and helping people feel good about what is happening. Leaders need to have a vision, but they also need to know how to convince […]

Free Will

Free will is critical in a loving relationship because there cannot be love without the opportunity to oppose that love, There cannot be an appreciation without the opportunity to express it through choice. If we are made in the image of the Divine, then just as God has free will, […]

Eternal Love

All of us want to be loved with unconditional, eternal love — a love that sees beyond beauty, intelligence, or any other superficial quality. We want to be loved simply because we are. At the same time, we all have a natural, innate tendency to share our love with others. […]

4 Tools for Reflection

Reflect on these tools as a daily meditation and make the choice to shift your consciousness: 1. Treat everyone you encounter as if the success of your spiritual life depends upon the quality of your interactions with them. 2. Reflect upon the person you love the most, and aspire to […]

Appreciate The Past

Life is full of meaning and opportunities for growth. When we are mindful of the beauty and accomplishments of the past, even when the present or future is not exactly what we would like it to be, we will not be disturbed. We will still be excited about the past […]

Becoming Visionary Leaders

If we want to be visionary leaders, we must, of course, learn to recognize them and support them. Visionary leaders have great qualities, which they develop through their interest in values, intuition and partnership with others. They can bring spiritual culture to our religious and political lives. Mahatma Gandhi once […]

“Normal” is not Natural

We must resist the temptation to be “normal,” because those who are now considered normal accept the values and practices of an insane world. In modern society, for example, normal people strive to accumulate as many commodities as possible, because they believe that their success and personal worth are linked […]


Realization Through Selfless Service

We cannot understand spiritual realities by scholarship alone. Although study is important, the path to spiritual realization is through dedicated, selfless service. As we offer service to others with no expectation of reward, the Lord in the heart becomes more available to us and provides for our needs—because we have […]

Solving Problems

Anytime there is a problem in a relationship, you should first see it as your own fault. Even if others are to blame, you will only add to the problem by considering them to be at fault.

Bhakti Tirtha Swami

A Myth About Anger

People have many myths about anger that cause them to categorize the issue in a certain way. For instance, some people consider anger to be biological or hereditary, but this myth does not have any solid foundation. Although some people are more prone to anger due to their psychophysical make-up […]